Marketing Supervisor
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Jan 26, 2021
We're looking for a professional to execute the marketing and new business development strategy for the aluminum packaging beverage market in South America. Lead the new categories initiatives in the region and work with the commercial team in strategic projects for Regional and Global Accounts, monitoring customer satisfaction level. Act with innovation, technical and communication areas from regional and global teams translating the beverage market customer/prospects needs in business opportunities for the company.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Elaborate the sales and profitability growth plan for BPSA adding value to the existing contracts.
  • Monitor the beverage market trends and consumer; understand how it affects beverage producers and find opportunities in differentiation of packages for BPSA business.
  • Study and map the beverages costumers in Brazil, qualifying them in “can fans or not”, understanding their decision-making process, pocket money share and connect them with #vadelata campaign.
  • Set the future of can/ends in South America market, exploring the BPSA footprint to launch new sizes, elaborate/approve the business cases and deliver with the operation team the full package solution to the market.
  • Build and update the business development project pipeline, define the priorities with the leadership team and support the commercial managers to guarantee the deliverables in the shortest time.
  • Organize and present the innovation days or other business development forums with Global and Regional Accounts to increase BPSA profitability with the customers.
  • Work close to BI team members elaborating the category plan development and execution with sales team.
  • Focus on business development of new categories according to the strategic plan in order to bring new liquids to cans.
  • Design the sales tool kit for the new categories and training the commercial team supported by trendsetters and/or specialists.
  • Map the most interested prospects and drive the commercial team approach to get new business in the existing market.
  • Position BPSA as the most strategic can/ends player in South America through B2B & B2C exhibitions and other external events.
  • Connected marketing and #vadelata strategies focused on BPSA customers’ needs and promoting the best can size to the right consumption occasion.
  • Organize with procurement team a strategic workshop for BPSA most important providers; find synergisms with startups that may affect positively our business.
  • Contributing to innovation pipeline with concepts and ideas.


Impact on the Business:


  • Increase BPSA sales volume and improve the profitability of the existing contracts.
  • Generate new strategic and competitive information with other substrates in the region.
  • Launch new can sizes with new technologies that add value to the business.
  • Generate a better mix of special / standard cans to BPSA portfolio.
  • Bring new customers in new markets or new customers in existing market.
  • Drive the can penetration in new categories (water, wine, craft drinks & others).

Internal stakeholders

  • High impact: Commercial, Communication, BI, Technical, Innovation & Can Experience.
  • Low impact: Pricing FP&A, Quality, customer support, IBP.

External stakeholders

  •  Customer, Providers, Agency of communication; Package Institute.

Experience & Languanges:

  • Experience in Marketing and/or Business Development;
  • Preferably in Business Administration, Marketing, Communication or Engineering;
  • Desired MBA in Marketing. Experience with startups and Digital Marketing are plus;
  • Portuguese: Native; Fluent in English and Spanish.