Specialist Process Planner - Body Shop
Araquari Santa Catarina May 3, 2021

Execute planning process of body shop department. Identifying and implement operational improvements, guarantee quality and develop solutions aiming improvement of operational efficiency of the department, cost reductions and process quality.


Main Activities:


-Process Planning: Plan and implement projects and technical systems on the department to improve body shop efficiency, quality level of bodies, process adherence and safety. With the objective to implement these improvements inline.
KPI: Quality indicators, line efficiency, cost reduction, volume achievement, target date achievement, documentation at last level, incidents targets achievement (safety)

Internal and external audits: Promote quality, safety and environmental requirements according normative standards aiming department audit certifications.
KPI: Audit certification ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001

-Safety: Meet all necessary regulations by law (e.g. NR 12, Ergonomics, “Health & Safety”) and securing compliance of process procedures and work safety regulations for body shop.
KPI: Accident and incident targets achievement

-New models evaluation: Support department and central project planners and on the evaluation and implementation of new projects with objective to develop new models and additional volume in the body shop. KPI: Evaluation Performance, New Projects implementation

-Tendering process: Realization of quotation and follow up with suppliers according company local standard with objective to supply department with necessary services and materials.
KPI: Budget adherence, achievement of target dates.

-Budget and investment adherence: Guarantee budget and investment adherence according department plan. Interface and comunication to controlling department with objective to achieve targets.
KPI: Budget, Investment monthly and year adherence (%), delivery of physical materials.

-Systems integration: Integrate the department on the current company production systems, interfacing implementation and development of solutions together with IT department and logistics. KPI: System integration, availability

-Fit and finish process: Identify and integrate process improvements on the finish line to guarantee the correct process on the hang on parts line with the objective to satisfy product specification.
KPI: Productivity, line efficiency and availability, quality targets

-Welding and joining process: Support/ execute activities related to joining technologies (Tucker, Spot/ MAG/ Laser Welding and Adhesives, regarding parameterization, new technologies development/ implementation, quality improvements and standardization with the objective to satisfy product specification. KPI: Productivity, quality targets, product stability, line efficiency and availability.

-Tools Specification: Guarantee tools and equipment according company standards, with the realization of equipment measurement and calibration with objective to certify and guarantee process conformity
KPI: Tooling certification.

-Problem Solving: Develop current process and implement solutions analyzing the results of dimensional and quality reports to objective to satisfy client and product specification. KPI: Quality conformity, target date achievement.

-Automation: Execute automation improvements on the production line developing technical specifications and actions with local team and supplier with the objective to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve quality. KPI: Productivity, cost per unit, quality targets (QZS, QZF

-Purpose and subject of the interaction/communication with internal/external interfaces, negotiating mandate: Will align on the daily tasks with the superior, senior planners and supervisors. External alignments with managers of other technologies.
Contact with Body shop to steer activities, and with local company departments for planning, steering and negotiation of requested activities. Contact with partner departments in other plants of company network when necessary support and further technical information.




-Bachelor on engineering  (preferably mechanical, automotive, production, electrical). Ongoing / Graduated.
-Fluent English;
-German is desirable
-Good knowledge in continuous improvement VPS