Supervisor de Inteligência de Mercado
São José dos Campos São Paulo Jul 28, 2021

Area: Marketing, Business Development & Commercial Intelligence.




Plan and execute the commercial intelligence actions for South America. Build a solid and trustable information database covering the South America region by customer, packaging substrate, region, category, etc. Support the commercial strategic plan process using primary and secondary source of information. Coordinate the purchase of databases and Ad Hoc surveys, as well as preparing market presentations for internal and external clients with the objective of better understanding the customers needs.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Customer Relationship: Define content and support on the presentations for internal and external clients that address global trends in the beverage industry, new product concepts and positioning, consumer habits and attitudes, and retail trends, with the goal of adding value and knowledge to the customer, encouraging the launch of new products to maximize operation with BPSA.
  • Coordinate the external and internal data management feeding the commercial and other business areas of BPSA (Nielsen, Global Data, Euromonitor, Mintel, Datamark, other sources).


  • Manage the Customer RoadMap with the short, medium and long terms actions, aligned with Ball strategic planning.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analyzes of the packaging market in South America (focus on cans) for strategic planning purposes: to coordinate the work of the research institutes contracted regionally and/or globally in South America, validating the data of market size by country, growth trends and substitution of packaging between others by crossing data from other primary and secondary sources in order to ensure the strength of the company's strategic plan in the region
  • Generate strategic market information for business managers: disseminate through presentations of the results by the research institutes, the creation of specific content that leads to decision-making, ensuring that the information helps the strategic decision making of the company.
  • Market information management: Develop and manage a database for South America with all market information, consolidating business insight to facilitate analysis of your content and provide strategic information for fast and accurate decision-making process.
  • Hiring of continuous searches and Ad Hoc (to order): negotiate and approve the purchase of databases of the categories relevant to the business; identify market institutes for different types of on-demand research, conduct briefing meetings, follow-up studies and prepare conclusions report within the time frame and in the desired scope.
  • Lead the optimization process of the area: Search for innovative solutions that optimize commercial processess (startup, agile, benchmarking and automatization).


Impact on the Business:

  • High-quality market information available to develop the company's strategic plan in the region.
  • Business managers knowing the market information relevant to the development of the business and able to discuss concepts with customers
  • Ad Hoc search conducted to high standard of quality according to the needs of the business
  • Regular research compared in line with the budget and presented to the business managers.
  • Conducting specific / on-demand presentations for customers on agreed deadlines and with high quality
  • Measure the level of Customer Satisfaction with Marketing team, supporting the global evaluation.


Internal stakeholders

  • BPSA VPs, FP&A, IBP, Commercial, Marketing and Business Development.


External stakeholders

  •  Customer, Database providers, others.


Experience & Languages:

  • Graduated in Business Administration, Economy, Marketing, Communication or Engineering. Desired MBA in Marketing. 
  • Portuguese: Native; Fluent in English and Spanish*.